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Stars Science Theater
Mike Francis actor educator
Mike Francis brings astronomy to life with his Stars Science Theater programs. A Physical Science and Physics teacher and formerly a lecturer for ten years at the Charles Hayden Planetarium at Boston’s Museum of Science, Mike combines the science of Astronomy with the dramatic skills of an actor.

Whether portraying Galileo, building a solar system with his lunch as the Stargazer’s Apprentice or narrating a tour of the current night sky in his Starlab traveling planetarium, Mike shares his love of the heavens with schools, libraries, museums and special events across the country.

“I received numerous phone calls from the audience ...  They thoroughly enjoyed your performance. People said they learned more about Galileo and his discoveries in that hour than they ever knew.”
Virginia Salazar, National Atomic Museum, Albuquerque, NM

“The planetarium that you brought was wonderfully engaging for all the students who entered it (and the teachers as well!)”
Earth Science Teacher, Bellingham Memorial Middle School, Bellingham, MA

“We all loved your visit... We hope to be able to invite you each year.”
4th Grade Teacher, McCarthy Town School, Acton, MA
Galileo impersonator Mike Francis with Jupiter's moons
The Night Skies Starlab Planetarium
Mike Francis, the Stargazer's Apprentice building a solar system
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Mike Francis, Newton, MA mfrancis@mike-francis.com
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